It’s not news that most people in the tech industry believe that blockchain
technology is the future of our society and can revolutionize business
practices and interactions.

When the internet was first created, it was hard to imagine it morphing into
platforms like e-commerce and social media that we have today. The same is
true with what is possible with blockchain technology. It’s hard to tell where
exactly this will take our society, but even in the early stages, it’s showing a
lot of potential for sustainable business models.

While it’s hard to predict the future ecosystem of the blockchain, it is clear
that the leaders who get into this field and stay on top of it early, will have
power in shaping its economic future.

What is blockchain technology?

When looking at the blockchain, it is important to understand that its primary
principle is decentralization. This is the exact opposite of how our traditional
financial sector works.

Today, whenever you make a transaction, it goes through an intermediary.
However, blockchain eliminates the need for a third party and ensures trust
through its mechanisms and programming.

After blockchain was introduced, Ethereum propelled it forward by
introducing smart contracts.

On top of smart contracts, blockchain technology creates a network that’s
decentralized and stores its data in blocks instead of tables. Each block is
encrypted and references the previous blocks, creating a chain of data
blocks. This creates a transparent and secure record of all transactions.


What exactly does this foundation of blockchain mean? Well, like it was
mentioned above, nobody knows for sure. However, many experts believe
that it will be the foundation for Web3, the next evolution of the internet.
Like the blockchain, experts believe that Web3 will be decentralized and
allow users to exchange information or units of value without the need of
companies as intermediaries.
While this is still an idea of the future, some companies have started to test
the ability to create and exchange value on the blockchain.

How blockchain is changing the way people do business?

First and foremost, blockchain technologies allow decentralized finance
(DeFi). DeFi leverages the core value proposition of decentralization by
providing its users with non-custodial ownership of their assets. DeFi has
grown immensely in the last couple of years reaching $200 billion in assets.

Blockchain technology has the ability to help any area of business, allowing
them to create new revenue streams or analytics services based on data
collected by the blockchain. It also allows companies to mitigate risks in
areas like tracing and authentication across the blockchain.

Blockchain technology also has the ability to impact how businesses run
internally. For example, the blockchain can offer companies alternative
solutions for managing digital assets. This is especially true in areas like
audits and regulatory compliance. These alternatives could help companies
boost their operational efficiency, saving both time and money.

While it’s still hard to tell what the future of blockchain will look like, the
adoption of the technology within the last couple of years suggests it has the
capability to be a relevant evolutionary technology. Not only for the
internet, but also for the way businesses are operated.

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